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    Qliksense : Admin Help needed to configure users

      HI, I am an absolute newbie to Qlikksense and so is my startup. I have just installed an enterprise version of Qliksense 2.1.1 on my office machine. Wanted to know if there is any way I can access Quicksense using the same license from my home laptop? If yes, how do i make the connection? I do have an extra token to use if needed. Please note I cannot remotely access the office machine.




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          Rajamohan Govindarajulu

          Hi Sejal,


          QlikSense tokens go by active directory / local network, etc... if you want to access from home, you can give some section access privilege to have a common login and try.  Moreover, the URL have to be in VPN, i hope.


          Best Rergards,


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            Marco Hadiyanto

            Hi Sejal,


            I'm trying to understand your question. so you have 2 machine :

            1. Office -> Installed QS Server

            2. Home -> Not installed QS Server

            your question is you want to access your Qlik Sense server which is on your office machine?

            if you want to access QMC :

            • By default the QMC address is https://<QPS server name>/qmc.

            or if you want to access the hub:

            • By default the HUBaddress is https://<QPS server name>/hub.


            source :https://help.qlik.com/sense/


            Hope this help




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              Dominic Mander

              Hi Sejal,


              QlikSense Enterprise is intended as a server tool to be installed on a server and then accessed from multiple locations through the web browser, not a desktop tool to be installed locally.


              If you deployed it in this way you could access the same reports both from work and from home.


              The QlikSense desktop application is available for free use (though it lacks some of the features of Enterprise such as scheduling).


              In order for you to be able to access your existing install from home, your office machine would need to be on permanently, and accessible to the outside world (effectively it runs a web server). Depending on where you work your IT may be able to help you set this up, but the majority of companies IT would be very resistant to doing this and would want to install in a properly managed server environment.

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                  Thank you Dominic,


                  That helped. So since i already have installed the enterprise version on my office computer, can i use it as a server with my home computer as a client? Can i access the same reports through a web browser from home, if i did so? Do i need to install any connectors for the purpose? Forgive me, I am no IT admin and hence, the silly questions. Also, since I am tasked with the setup myself I could bypass some of the security concerns.