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    Publisher - File Based Event Guidance?

      Has anyone used file-based events in order to kick off execution of a QlikView Publisher job? Here's the workflow I have in mind:

      1. Autosys is used to copy data from location 1 to location 2.

      2. At the end of the Autosys job, we copy a trigger file to a specified location

      3. QlikView Publisher picks up the trigger file and kicks off a job based on the presence of that file

      4. Clean-up job runs and deletes the trigger file

      The only way I'm aware of doing this now is to copy a trigger file that can be used by QlikView as a data source (i.e. an .xls file). Then, I can create a QlikView app to read the .xls file. My Publisher job would consist of a reload task that would fail unless the trigger file was present. So, I would make the downstream jobs dependent on the success of the first job, and then schedule the initial job to run pretty frequently - say every 10 minutes or so. This seems pretty convoluted to me, so I'm hoping that there's a more elegant solution out there.