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    Memory Allocation on QVS 9


      We are running QVS 9.0 x64 under W2K8 x64 server on an ESX server with 4gb memory allocated to the VM.

      Are there any operating system or QVS considerations for the allocation of >4gb memory to the VM?

        • Memory Allocation on QVS 9
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Well, you should keep in mind that you need to allocate slightly more than 4GB. 4GB is the minimum that QVS9 needs on an x64 OS, but a VM has memory overhead that needs to be taken into account. I forget the exact amount of memory overhead, but if you allocate 4GB, you'll see something in the ballpark of 3.5GB in the System dialog within the VM.

          Other than that I don't think there are any big considerations--things should work as expected.


          • Memory Allocation on QVS 9

            Already deployed many systems with 16GB on vmware systems without problems, of course memory have to be present and available for the virtual machine on the vmware host.
            Remember that vmware tools, immediately after a system restart, execute a memory test using the baloon driver and fill all available memory to force windows to swap unecessary memory page on disk, this means that your virtual machine will use ALL memory you have configured on startup for 30 seconds circa.