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    User Bookmarks - Migrating Servers

    Brent Nichol

      I'm trying to migrate from version 7.52 to a new server and want to ensure that the process is transparent to the users. I know that users have created bookmarks, but I'm unsure who has created bookmarks for which application. We have over 80 qlikview apps accessed on our Intranet to several thousand employees.

      I've tried modifying the bookmark xml file's <CreatorDoc Path="qvp://..."> tag with a new server name, but the app on the new server doesn't recognize the bookmark.

      Any suggestions with the following would be appreciated:

      1. Is there reference to user bookmarks on the server?
      2. How can I identify who has bookmarks for which app?
      3. How can I change the server that the bookmark is recognized on without manually creating a new bookmark?