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    Upload Desktop Data

      I have a few question about desktop data (65000 Lines) in server enviorment in version 9 and 8.5.

      In Version 8.5 there was the professional licence allowing to integrate Desktop Data to a QVW file.

      1. In version 8.5 how to integrate desktop data to existing qvw files without loosing data that presists in qvw file?

      2. Was it possible in server enviroment (8.5)?

      2. Is it possible in version 9?

      3. Is it possible via QV.exe, Java, IE Plugin and or Ajax?


      Greedings Boris


        • Upload Desktop Data
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          If I understand your question correctly, to integrate new data without losing old data, in your script you would need to first load the old data into a temp table, concatenate the new data into the temp table, then export the temp table back into your QVD (I'm assuming that's what you're using), which will be overwritten with all the data combined.


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              Hi Vald,

              the main question is:

              Is the User (in role of professional) able to add own data to the qvw in server enviroment via QV Client / Website?

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                  Vlad Gutkovsky

                  Oh, I see what you mean. No, that's not how QlikView works. QlikView clients are always read-only so the user can't add anything. The only exception to this is "Allow dynamic data update" under Server Settings. This will enable the functionality you are talking about, but you need a special QVS license that includes the DYNAMIC_UPDATE:YES tag.


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                Did you get dynamic update to work with Ajax (with the dynamic server license) ?