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    Viewing Qlikview pages with a Salesforce.com view

      Is anyone viewing Qlikview pages within Salesforce.com. It was mentioned during a demostration that we could display qlikview pages under a view within Salesforce. It would allow us to give the user only one place to view data.

      I would like to get an idea of how hard this is to do.


        • Viewing Qlikview pages with a Salesforce.com view
          Sarah Hymers

          Hi Dan,


          If you have QlikView server, you can view the AccessPoint on a page-viewer tab within SalesForce, so that it looks integreated.  SalesForce Setup > App Setup > Create > Manage Your Custom Tabs.  Use a Web Tab, with the URL set to your AccessPoint.


          It looks quite neat within SalesForce, but isn't as tightly integrated as I'd hoped.  I want to be able to use QlikView objects as SalesForce custom objects.  E.g. within an account on SalesForce, have a pie chart (actually an object within a QVW) which "selects" (within QlikView) the account you are on, and then tie in other data filtered to that account, perhaps from another (non-SalesForce) database.


          That's what I'd really like to do - you too I guess?