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    Decreasing Performance with QVS and Ajax Client

    Alexander Lampart

      Hello community,

      we're experiencing a strange problem here. We have one application on the server and the longer you work with it, the worse the performance gets.

      The server itself is a virtual Windows 2008 Server. And it's packed with hardware. 4 CPU at 2,66 GHz and 16 GB RAM. Installed is QVS 9.0 SR2 and the application is accessed with the AJAX Client through IIS 7.0.

      The application is reloaded during the night from qvs files.Which works fine and fast.

      We are quite new to QlikView, so possibly we configured something wrong. But what could this be if at the beginning performance is quite good and withing 2 hours work it is decreasing to a level you have to stop working?

      What we already did since we have this problem:
      - We set the application to "Preloaded - Always" - No change in behaviour
      - We set the "Working limits" to "Dedicated Server" and "CPU Priority" to "High" - No change in behaviour

      Anyone any ideas?