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    document reload with section access

    Mauro Cheloni

      Hello experts,

      I have a .qvw with a section access and I need to schedule a reload for it.

      I'm still trying with no success!

      Maybe in the "Reload" section I have to set the "Section Access" under Data Protection and put username and password???

      what user i have to put in ???

      Thanks in advance for your time.

      Best regards

        • document reload with section access


          a) yes, in the Reload section you can provide User and Password to have the update-process having access to your file.
          This way was reported not being reliable, so ...

          b) you need to ensure that the account under which your server/ your services is running has access to your file as well, i.e. the account should be listet in your section access list of users/ admins. The account can be identified by various means, the most obvious is the NTNAME.

          Have you tried this already?