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    Get the status of a task via API

    Juan Carlos Vera Hernandez



      I'm developing the integration between Qlik Sense and my web application. So I'm calling via API Rest the task's reload in order to populate with data the Qlik Apps.


      I'm Using the following: "/qrs/task/{id}/start/synchronous". And the API answer is the id of the started task.

      Everything seems to work fine but I receive the answer once the task has been started, not when it's finished. According to the documentation, that command: "Start a task (for example, a reload task), identified by {id}, so that it runs synchronously on a Qlik Sense Scheduler Service (QSS). The call does not return until the task is finished.


      The fact i'ts that I'm not aware about how the task is progressing nor how it ends (successfuly or not). So I'm wondering if there is a way to know the status of a task ir order to decide what to next.


      Any Idea?


      Thank you very much.