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    Min & Max


      Sure there is an easy solution to this, but am new to this and can't work it out....

      I have a straight table

      Company | Headcount | Min | Max

      Headcount is a sparkline chart based on a 12 month trend for the selected year for each company in the table.

      I would like to show the min and max months headcount for each company but can't work out how!


        • Min & Max
          Rakesh Mehta

          Is this what you are looking for? See enclosed.

            • Min & Max

              Thanks....so yes that is what I want....

              guess the difference is that Headcount in the table is an expression.... count(distinct [Employee Number])

              I was trying to do max on the expression but returning nothing. I know I could put something in the load script for headcount but wondering if there is a way of getting the max and min when it's an expression