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    QV server & named CALs authentication



      Dear all


      I have a web based application, where a menu item generates a Pseudo URL that brings the Qlikview application to my end user.


      I am using named CALs; Do you know a way that allow me to validate the end user identity by using only the PseudoURL, avoiding any popup window due our users already validate their credentials against my web application; please keep in mind they can connect to our web application from any PC with internet connection;


      Thanks for your help,




        • QV server & named CALs authentication
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          With a pseudo-URL in QVP format at least, you can pass the following parameters: USERID, XUSERID; PASSWORD; XPASSWORD. You can pass usernames and passwords in this manner through your pseudo-URLs and authenticate directly. Note that if you do not pass these parameters, the logged-in Windows identity is assumed. See pages 185 - 6 of the QVS Reference Manual for more details.