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    QMC Document Management Very Slow to respond

      The QMC user interface is very very slow to respond for me. The server doesn't show any signs of heavy load on the processors or memory, but it takes 2+ minutes for the QMC server to respond to a single button press in the web gui. Has anyone else noticed this and/or know how to fix it? Many thanks.

        • QMC Document Management Very Slow to respond

          The status tab of QMC also never populates due to a constant "processing" message. No idea why. Could use some insight please.

          Also, does anyone know of a command-line based alternative to the QMC gui? I would much prefer to set the reload schedules and monitor what scripts are currently running via the command line rather than an extremely slow gui...

          • QMC Document Management Very Slow to respond

            It seems windows was paging a ton of the data stored in memory. We reduced the page file size and restarted the server. So far so good. If the problem persists, I'll come back looking for more answers. In the mean time, I'm curious if anyone else has had issues with the windows page file. If so, how did you solve them? Thanks.