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    Associate NVARCHAR(1) with Excel file

      Hi, I have na sql table where SEX is store as a nvarchar(1), being 0 = male and 1 = female.


      To have better understanding on the graphics, I created na auxiliary Excel table with a column translating the values to description. Somethign like this:





      When I am profiling the file, it says that despite having the same name, he can't associate the column sex from my auxiliary table with sex from the original table because they contain diferente values! He suggests I associate with other columns from the original table, whose datatype is BIT instead of NVARCHAR(1).


      I think it doesn't associate with the column I want because of the data type, but both have 0s and 1s ... how can i solve this? Save the excel with diferente format?


      Best regards,

      Carlos Silva