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    How to implement Ajax under QV9/IIS

      We upgraded our DEV server to QVS 9.0.7320.7

      We plan on keeping IIS instead of using QlikView web server. So far we were able to host our existing QV documents under QVS 9 and access them via IIS

      Now, we are trying to convert our QV documents to Ajax based application. I read somewhere in the manual that in QV 9, we dont need to pre-generate ASP pages unless some customization is needed. But I couldnt find a way to implement this. Can someone point me in a right direction? Would be helpful if one can provide high level steps to be followed or point me to page nos. in the manual.

      I was able to create ASP pages using old fashioned Client Page Generator and hosting them onto IIS. But how do I achieve "auto generation" of asp pages whenever application is accessed? Do I have to use QlikView webserver for that?

      Thanks in advance..

        • How to implement Ajax under QV9/IIS
          Rakesh Mehta

          On your accesspoint on the upper right corner you can set how you want to open your qlikview app. when you set it as AJAX, it will open in AJAX environment. QV Server now generates AJAX pages at the runtime on the fly. You can also set on the server document properties how you want a qv document to be opened.

          Hope I answered your question.