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    Aggr function, and if statement, plus remove some values

    Crystle Stamper

      In the chart I have a set of products that are generally sold by the Company. That Company is being compared to the entire market that the Company belongs to. If the Product price is LESS then the Average Market price, then you subtract them, to get the potential money that is lost on this company.


      As you an see, the product, Seats, has no Potential, because the Average Market price is less then the company price.


      I need to find a way to get this formula for the Potential by Market, for each Company in a separate chart, that only has the Companies listed. This means that it does not need to count the Difference of the Company Sales and the Average Market sales, if the Product has no Potential. But everything I have tried, still subtracts the two and gives me the Potential for everything from that Company, and not what I want, only the Products that provide Potential sales.


      I believe I need an Aggr() function for the Products but I am not sure how to get them to compare the Company to the Avg of the Market for each Product and then only sum the Products that have Potential.


      I have a table in my QV document that is similar to the one below and the Potential expression I have works fine there. The only problem is if I remove the Products, then formula doesn't act right. Here is my formula



      (if(Num($(vAvgSalesForSize)-$(vAvgSalesForSelectedCompany) )<=0,0,Num($(vAvgSalesForSize)-$(vAvgSalesForSelectedCompany) )))


      I have tried to break this down as easily as I could, but if I need to make anything more clear please let me know.




      For Company ABC

      In Size "Small" Market


      ProductCompany ABC SalesAvg Small Market SalesPotential
      Total Potential$45