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    NPrinting Hyperlink - HTML

      I have the below link that almost work by getting me to the application link from the HTML embedded email message.  However,

      the %%Change Number%% is not taking me to that specific record in the application link.  How do I write html to properly pass the value of the field "Change Number" into the link so that the link takes the user to that record.



      The last section"%%Change Title <Link>%%"  gives me the title visible in the report instead of the full link and it works great.



      <td> <A href="http://wsm9web01p.fenetwork.com:8080/HPSM9.33_PROD/index.do?ctx=docEngine&file=cm3r&query=number%3D%22'&%%Change Number]%%& '%22'%%">%%Change Title <Link>%% </A></td>