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    AccessPoint Encryption

    Larry Sartor


      We recently upgraded to QlikView Server 9.0 and we are beginning to use the QlikView AccessPoint. I would like to give my users access to the option to download the file so they can view the document offline, but I have concerns about the file. Is the file that the users download from the QlikView AccessPoint encrypted?

        • AccessPoint Encryption
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          The file is not encrypted by default, but you can configure QVS to use SSL and HTTPS. See the QVS Reference Manual for more details (there are several files and settings you need to modify, so just search the Manual for "SSL").


            • AccessPoint Encryption
              Shelvin Patel

              Hi Vlad,

              I came across this post while searching for my answer. I have been asked to set SSL certification on Qlikview server so that the access point can be browsed using HTTPS.

              Qlikview reference manual says that windows based client is encrypted with 128-bit encryption.

              Does IE-plug in considered to be windows client?

              If not, then traffic between client browsing application via HTTP accesspoint and QVS sever has any form of encryption or not? or the traffic is simply plain text.

              Thanks in advance.