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    Download qvw-document from Server via C#

      Hi ClikCommunity,


      I'm want to download a document from our QVS. Does the QVS have the potential to do this and if how?

      We are already downloading a List of all Documents from the server, which works fine. This is the methode I use:


      QvClient client = new QvClient("company-QVS");
      client.UserName = "Test1";
      client.Password = "test1";
      answer = client.Execute("<Global method='GetDocListEx'><Type>16</Type></Global>");

      Is there a methode(like the 'GetDocListEx') which retruns a document? Is there a documentation which lists all methodes that can be used via QvClient.Execute(...)? Or is there any other way without installing a FTPServer and make a FTPWebRequest?

        • Download qvw-document from Server via C#
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          You can use QlikOCX in project. There is a method there called "OpenDocument" that returns a QVW. In C# it would look like this:

          axQlikOCX1.OpenDocument("c:\\OcxDemo.qvw", "","");

          See the OCX reference manual for more details.


            • Download qvw-document from Server via C#

              Thx for your reply, but actually i try to find a workaround for the OCX. If i use the OpenDocument-Methode with a serverside qvw(via qvp://) and pass Username and Password. The OCX asks for Username and Password again. And if I pass the Username via qvp:// i still get ask for the Password. But i build my own login dialog(for the QvClient) and i don't want the second one from the OCX.

              We would like to download the document via the QvClient.Execute(...) methode(or something like that) to a local tempfile, so we can open the file localy and bypass the second server authentifaction.

                • Download qvw-document from Server via C#
                  Lars Helmer

                  you can do something similar to this pseudocode:

                  handle = client.Execute ("<Global method='FileDownload'><Path>doc.qvw</Path><Size /></Global>")

                  handle is a param you pass to next call, size is an out-paramater wich will be initialized with the file size.

                  data = client.ExecuteWithAttachments ("<Global method='FileRead'><h>"+handle+"</h><Pos>0</Pos><Count>"+Size+"</Count><Buffer /></Global>")

                  i haven't done it in a while but this should illustrate the basics.



              • Download qvw-document from Server via C#

                Did you solve the problem?