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    Download Error with Internet Explorer

      Hi all,

      I am having difficulty troubleshooting an error that occurs when I try to download a .qvw file our access point using Internet Explorer. I have attached a screen shot of the error message below, but it does not provide me with any useful information as to what exactly is causing the problem. To further complicate matters, when using Goolge Chrome, Firefox 3.x, or even Apple Safari ( I forgot the version, but it is the newest available one for Windows), I can download .qvw files without incidence. My set-up consists of QlikView Server and Publisher version 9 on two separate Windows Server 2008 46-bit machines, and IIS 7 acting as the webserver hosting the access point.

      The fact that I can download the files with any browser besides IE (I have tried 6-8, but get the exact same error) at first led me to think that it was a security feature built in to Internet Explorer. I made the security policies as liberal as possible, and I am still greeted with the same message. I am uncomfortable recommending that my users turn down the browser's security features, as that makes IE more of a sitting duck for any and all web-based attacks.

      So with that in mind I checked the server configuration, but nothing in the IIS set-up stands out as the culprit. With the exception of the handful of changes I made to get QlikView working with IIS, it remains unchanged from a "Standard" installation. I can provide more details on the features installed if necessary, but I do not think IIS is at fault.

      Finally, I've noticed where some of the QlikTech staff recommends Fiddler as a good tool for diagnosing web issues. When using Fiddler, I can see where the .qvw file is being downloaded ( there are 9,955, 946 bytes in the "Bytes Received" section, and the file itself is around 9.5 MB). At any rate I think it is being downloaded; I do not get results like that if I simply log in to the access point and open a qvw with the AJAX client, for example. I am certainly not an authority and could very well be reading it wrong.

      Other than this one frustration, QlikView works like a charm. If more information is needed, let me know and I can provide it, but I'm afraid I've gotten slightly long-winded for a question. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank You,



      Error Message:

      error loading image

      Error Text:

      Internet Explorer cannot download AccessPoint.aspx from <access point>

      Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found.