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    IE Plugin does not display thumbnails


      I am logging onto my Qlikview Small Business Server, and using Ajax as my preferred client I can see all my available models, but using IE Plugin I see only a blank screen. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling IE Plugin but no difference. If I log myself in on any other computer it is fine. Has anyone got any suggestions?



        • IE Plugin does not display thumbnails
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          This is probably something related to the IE Security settings on that particular client computer. Make sure your ActiveX and .NET settings are not too restrictive for the zone that the server is in (probably Intranet). Also Enable or Prompt "Access Datasources Across Domains" if relevant.In general, if it's happening on just 1 computer you can be 90% sure it's a problem with some sort of security configurations...


          • IE Plugin does not display thumbnails
            Rakesh Mehta

            If you have just upgeaded to v9, make sure to open QVW document with V9 developer and save it. Thumbnains are only shows for v9 documents.

            Hope this helps.