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    Trigger EDX



      I developed a ASP.NET webpage that triggers the Qlikview EDX webservice. I need to enter two variables in the reload of the document.

      Is this possible in this webservice?



        • Trigger EDX
          Stefan Bäckstrand

          Yes. I don't remember the exact XML node structure, but you can send one or more variables to the document via EDX. The SR3 manual has been extended on that subject on my own request. Look it up in the QVS Server Reference manual.

          Note that this is from a QVS 9 perspective.

          • Trigger EDX
            Stefan Bäckstrand

            I need to correct this answer, since I saw that this has not been included in the QVS 9 SR3 manual for some reason. I will re-request that bug and see what's happened.

            Meanwhile; the XML node structure for variables in the EDX call in QVS 9 is he following:

            <string>value 1</string>
            <string>value 2</string>

            There also seems to be a bug that actually only allows the first value to be recorded, so this does not work for multiple variables, yet. I will record that as a bug as well.