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    Pre caching document on Access Point: automated way to open a doc after distribution so first user doesn't have to wait for it to cache?

      Is there a way (in Publisher, via macros, batch commands or windows Task manager) to "pre-cache" a QV document on the Access Point once it has been re-distributed?

      We have a large application (360M+ records, up to 19 GB in memory) which takes several minutes to open on the Access Point once it has been reloaded and distributed. The long wait is not only inconvenient but also leads to users attempting to close the IE browser during the 'open' process which causes an error.

      We'd like to somehow pre-cache the application on Access Point so the first user to open it doesn't experience this delay. Ideas?!

      We have the "Always Available", "Always Loaded", "Pre-Load" options set, so the document is technically a "loaded document", but it certainly is not cached.

      We are running QV 8.50.6326 developer and server with 64-bit, 128 GB 16 processor server and use IE Plugin.

      Thanks! Gracias!