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    SSO Single Sign On with CAS

      We're trying to setup a SSO environment for three different applications (one of them is Qlikview) using CAS server (http://www.jasig.org/cas)

      For Qlikview we have two possible solutions however, we have some questions which I hope somebody is able to answer.

      Option 1) A .net module which should be configured in the web.config file (http://www.ja-sig.org/wiki/display/CASC/.Net+Http+module )
      Option 2) An Apache proxy with a CAS module

      We got a problem with option 1, because there does not seem to be a web.config file to configure and no BIN directory to install the .net module. We did use IIS with Qlikview Server 9.
      And for option 2 we do not know how to import the username from the Apache proxy to Qlikview so that Qlikview knows who is logged in.
      We think that Apache can put the username of the logged in user in a request parameter or cookie, or even maybe as an http header. But we have not tried any of those yet.

      Is there anyone having experience with setting up such an SSO environment? Thanks!