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    Clear License Lease History

    Pablo Labbe


      The License Lease uses a pair of Machine Name and MAC address to attach the license to the user desktop.

      My customer got some problems with license lease because in their desktops are installed Juniper Network Connect Virtual Adapter. This adapter generate a random mac address each time the machine starts.

      The adapter was removed from the desktops and now we need to do a new license lease with the correct mac address .

      There already 2 license lease to the same machine but with different mac address and to the same user.

      I need to clear the license lease history to start again from zero. Do I need to reinstall the server ?

      Already tried to remove the LEF and re apply the LEF, but it doesn´t work.

      Any sugestion ?

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          Did you find a solution to this? I am running an evaluation period license, and had a laptop breakdown during the evaluation process (breakdown caused by earth gravity...), so that my old laptop used one MAC address, substitute laptop one MAC address, and my new laptop one MAC address causing me to run out of licenses.



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              Amien Amien

              anyone has a solution for this? i had a temporary trial key for server. Client leased a key. Now i have the non-trial key and entered it in server.

              i need to lease again a key. when i do this there are no developer functions availible in qlikview client. When i check the key, the old key is still there (and the trial periode is over). How can i fully refresh the licence key that i want to lease?

              i have deleted the LEF file from \Users\User\Appdata\Roaming\QlikTech\Qlikview\Lef.

              do extra actions do i need to do? do i need to clear more LEF files?

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                  When using license lease, you will not need to enter a license number (or have a LEF file) on the client machine running QV Developer/Desktop.

                  Remove your license (from user preferences), and connect to your qlikview server, open a document, and then you will obtain a leased license (if the server is properly configured for license leasing and has an assigned User CAL for you).


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                License lease is released to a specific user, mac address is not important is used just for check that same user doesn't work from more than one machine at the same time, after 30 days "license lease" licenses will be deleted automatically, hope help, regards.

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                  Emmanuelle Bustos

                  You dont need to reinstall, just remove the license information from your server and then reactivated it again so all information is cleared and you start form scratch.

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                    Pablo Labbe



                       Found this old thread without my answer to this case.


                       So the problem was caused by a VPN client installed on developers desktop. The VPN client was generating a new  MAC address each time windows rebooted. With such odd behavior, I recommended customer remove the VPN client from desktop because it wasn´t a notebook, but a workstation. 


                       To release the license I had to delete the  PGO files from server (QV9).  Today this kind of procedure isn´t necessary.


                    Best Regards,