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    anable to open Excel file

      I have created the on Qlik document and deployed the server, while opening the document throught URL

      If i click the Export to excel the particular excel file is generating on server which i have configure in console(Path),

      but user couldn't able see the excel, please advice me. I need to change any server settngs



      Qlikview 9.0


      DMS security




        • anable to open Excel file

          Hi, if you want to create the file on the server the only way I've found is to specify the Servername / IP Address as path

          (eg. \\\myFolder)

          If you specify a local folder (eg C:\myFolder) then the macro will try to create the file on the local machine of the user. If this is what you try to do then the macro needs to have 'system access' and the user will get a popup when he opens the document if he wants to allow the macro to have system access.

          Cheers, Lukas