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    Set expressions filtered by variable

      Dear Qlikview masters!


      I am struggling on a case related to expressions evaluation.

      My dataset is as following "Partners", "Forecast_Period" [0 to n], "Certified Value" and a toggle button to show or not the forecast [1 to n]


      on my toggle button I did set the following action v_toggle_forecast=if(v_toggle_forecast=0,1,0)


      a reusable filter as following : set v_Filter_Forecast = if(v_toggle_forecast,0,'*');


      and a sum expression : set e_Liquidity_test = sum({<[Forecast_Period]={$(v_Filter_Forecast)}>} [Certified Value]);


      if I put that expression in a graph diretly it works :-)

      if i have it in the script and call it in the graph using $(e_Liquidity_test) is doesn't :-(


      In what order these expressions get expanded and evaludated?

      Where is my mistake?


      Thanks for your help!