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    Bug Report - Sense selections on chart of calculated dimensions

    Jose Amar



      I cannot report this in the support since I am not a client/partner, but a developer.

      There is an issue when you have calculated dimensions in QlikSense that interferes with the selections.


      Being specific, I have a couple of variables set in the script that reads:

      SET vDimList = "if(index(GetFieldSelections([Dimension LOV]),'Company')>0 or isnull(GetFieldSelections([Dimension LOV]])),'Company', if(index(GetFieldSelections([Dimension LOV]]),'Country')>0,'Country','Segment'))";


      SET vDimensionHandling = "if($(vDimList)='Company',$(vCompanyHierarchy),if($(vDimList)='Country',$(vCountryHierarchy),$(vSegmentHierarchy)))";


      SET vCountryHierarchy= "if(getselectedcount(Country)=0,Country, if(getselectedcount(Country)=1,Region,Country))";


      This basically lets you cycle through hierarchies on the graph. This works perfectly fine as they are.

      The issue comes when you click on the graph to select something. Instead of just selecting the country or company you selected, it also selects every possible value on the LOV, Segment, Country and everything else that is mentioned in the formulas.


      I am treating this as a bug of QlikSense.

      I am using version 2.0.4 + Build: 101.origin/release/ms12.