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    QlikView Server performance issues in VMware ESX 4.0 VM


      We are having performance issues when accessing data from a small (12MB) application. We have a very strong VMware ESX 4.0 host with 4 quad core procs and 128GB RAM. The VM is running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 64-Bit SP2 with 4 vCPU and 96GB RAM. There are no other VMs running on the host. We've tried everything from CPU affinity to static allocation of memory to lowering the amount of vRAM. We finally saw some improvement in performance when we assigned only one vCPU, however it is still not acceptable and with only one vCPU, the server will come to a crawl once we get many users accessing the server.

      Is anyone else running QlikView in ESX 4.0 and if so, please let me know how you have the VM configured. Also, please let me know if QlikView is officially supported in ESX.