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    How can I make a date selection that lies between the date values in my data?


      I've got a rather large data set with dollar amounts that span a date range like this…

      Start End Amount

      01/01/2009 01/07/2009 $70,000.00


      …but I need a way to let the user key in (either in list box or input box) a date or dates between the ranges to see daily amounts that might look like this:

      Date Daily Amount

      01/04/2009 $10,000.00


      or even...

      Date Range Amount for the 3 days selected

      01/04/2009 to 01/06/2009 $30,000.00



      Since the data doesn't actually have discrete date values in between, how might I permit this type of date selection in QlikView w/o writing code to produce a giant new data set with a single row for every possible day & amount between each date in the range? Is there a way to simulate the date values, or map an entry from an input box to the corresponding dates in the data?