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    QllikView upgrade for Cluster implementation

    Deepak Pillai



      We have a customer who is looking to upgrade from SR8 to SR12 (QV 11.2) and they currently have a clustered QlikView server, clustered web server and a single server acting as Publisher.

      Is there any recommended sequence for upgrading the cluster servers? For instance, can the web server clusters be upgraded first, and then the QlikView server clusters and then finally the publisher?

      Suffice to say, would a cluster scenario where the publisher and QlikView server(cluster) are both on SR8 and the web server is on SR12, work?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.



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          Peter Cammaert

          Do you mean to update a live system? I think the best way to perform an upgrade of a clustered system is to shutdown the entire system and then perform the upgrade to SR12. IMHO in that case the order of upgrades is not important. To maximize uptime, you can upgrade every individual service and let the installer shutdown and restart the service. See Chapter 3.3 Multi-machine Preparation in the QlikView Server Reference Manual.


          See also Upgrading QlikView Server may restart disabled services for some additional points of interest

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              Deepak Pillai



              Thanks for the quick response on this, and thanks for the reference manual tip. The manual does indeed specify a sequence of upgrade to maximise uptime, I just tested it (albeit on the dev instance which is not in cluster mode) and it seems Access Point still works when QMS is disabled (which is the first step on the recommended procedure).

              I am guessing this will extend to the cluster scenario as well!


              1.Perform a backup as described in Upgrade Procedure (page 21).

              2.Stop QMS (which means QMC becomes unavailable).

              3.Upgrade in the following order (let the installer restart the services):

                   a) Web servers

                   b) Directory Service Connector (DSC)

                   c) QlikView Server (QVS)

                   d) QlikView Distribution Service (QDS)

                   e) QMS

              4.Start QMS (which means QMC becomes available again).


              But I am still not clear, since DSC and QVS are running on separate machines, would the temporary disparity in releases not cause an issue overall? So once the webserver is upgraded, publisher is on SR8 but webserver is on SR12 albeit for a short time.

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              Srikanth P

              In our environment, we have cluster on both QVS & QDS. We did below way.


              1. QMS on Machine1

              2. QDS + DSC on Machine2

              3. QVS + DSC + QVWS on Machine4

              4. QDS + DSC on Machine3

              5. QVS + DSC + QVMS on Machine5


              I would suggest back up your Qlikview server & publisher license and QVPR repository.