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    Find Object

    Cassandra Baqir

      What's the easiest way to find an object if you know the Object ID? Also, isn't there a keyboard shortcut to restore hidden or minimized objects?

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be go to Sheets tab on document properties;



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            Sunny Talwar

            For unhidding hidden object you can try: Ctrl + Shift + S

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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              I find it easiest to use the Document Analyzer to find objects in document with lots of objects. You could also export the layout and find it in the exported text files.

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                Frank Hartmann

                You can use a macro



                ''***********************        SearchObjectID      ***************************


                Sub SearchObjectID

                'Call setVariable

                iObject=inputbox("Tragen Sie bitte die gewünschten Objekt-ID ein!")

                          for i = 0 to ActiveDocument.NoOfSheets - 1        

                          set ss= ActiveDocument.GetSheet(i)             

                          shNa = ss.GetProperties.Name                       



                          Objecte = ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.GetSheetObjects                       

                              For j = lBound(Objecte) to ubound(Objecte)

                                    if Objecte(j).GetObjectType = 12 or Objecte(j).GetObjectType = 15 or Objecte(j).GetObjectType = 16 or Objecte(j).GetObjectType = 11 or Objecte(j).GetObjectType = 6 or Objecte(j).GetObjectType = 22 then

                                      NameObject = Objecte(j).GetObjectID   

                                          if instr(NameObject,iObject)=0  Then



                                              if instr(NameObject,iObject)>0  Then

                                              set s=ActiveDocument.Sheets(i)       


                                              msgbox("Die Objekt-ID"&" "&iObject&" "&"wurde gefunden. Falls sie das markierte Objekt nicht sehen können, wechseln sie bitte in den Entwufsmodus und starten sie das Makro erneut!")

                                              Exit sub


                                                end if

                                            end if

                                      end if



                msgbox("Die Objekt-ID"&" "&"<"&iObject&"> "&"wurde NICHT gefunden. Bitte überprüfen sie ihre Eingabe auf Rechtschreibfehler")              

                End sub


                hope it helps!

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                  m w

                  Shift + Ctrl + S is the shortcut for showing hidden objects.


                  I don't know of a command for restoring minimized objects.


                  You can get to the Properties of an object when you know the ID, by going to Sheet|Properties|Objects.


                  I don't know of a way to figure out where the object is or activate it (without using macros).

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                    Hirish V



                    Still you cant find means,


                    where if your document has data reduction, the option 'Document Objects' will appear only if you are a ADMIN if you are a USER at the Section Access this option won't be available for you.