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    Issue in NPrinting Report Generation

    Sinduja Devendran

      Hi All,

      I have an issue in NPrinting report generation when there is no data available for the applied filters


      Requirement: Individual excel reports needs to be generated for the users for their data( the application has Section access). So,for the user A he needs to see the data that is associated to him alone.


      So the Filter on the Field User has been added as Recipient filter. This is working fine when the User say has data in the application.



      The problem arises when there is nodata associated wih the user, Nprinting generates reports with all the values instaed of displaying N/A in Table columns.


      Is there a way, in case if a user doesn't have values then the report generated should have N/A as that is available in Qlikview instead of generating the report for all the values.