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    getting zero target to show in chart

    Rhona Corcoran



      I have a chart with data showing for areas compared to a target.  this works fine except when the target is 0 then the target line does not show up.


      The target is written as an expression as follows:


      if(ReferredYYYY=2016, Sum({$<[TargetCode]={"MH39"},ReferredYYYY, TargetYearMonth={">=$(=AddMonths(Max({<[CAMHS121] ={7}>}YearMonth), -12))<=$(=Max({<[CAMHS121] ={7}>}YearMonth))"}>}Target) ,

      if(ReferredYYYY=2015, Sum({$<[TargetCode]={"MH-39"},ReferredYYYY, TargetYearMonth={">=$(=AddMonths(Max({<[CAMHS121] ={7}>}YearMonth), -12))<=$(=Max({<[CAMHS121] ={7}>}YearMonth))"}>}Target) ,

      if(ReferredYYYY=2014, '',

      if(ReferredYYYY=2013, ''))))


      can anyone help as to how I can make the target show if zero.