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    Need clarification in List box



      I m new to Qlikview, kindly help me on the below scenarios,


      I have three tables  in my data model,


      Table 1           Table 2        Table 3

      ID  TYPE          ID  CITY   ID  Name

      1    A                 1   US       1   JP

      2    B                                  3   JK

      3    C


      Requirement 1:


      Display all the records which does not have city


      Requirement 2:


      Display all the records which does not have Name


      Filter should be ID in list box


      I brought all the things in , but i have a problem in list box like when i select the first report , report will have id 2 & 3 since it doesn't have city. But in list box id 1 should be gray color since report 1 is not related to ID 1, i want to display that list box values associated to the charts , but it should be in gray color which is not associated with the reports selected.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          What are these 'report' things you mention? I don't see them in the example tables you posted.

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            Hirish V



            hope this u required,


            LOAD * INLINE [
            ID,  TYPE          
            1,   A                 
            2,   B                                  
            3,    C
            LOAD * INLINE [
            ID,  City         
            1,   US                 
            LOAD * INLINE [
            ID,  Name          
            1,    JP                
            2,   JK                               


            Out put:


            in list box  Expression,




            Three Charts high light list Box-20334.PNG




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                Hi Hiris .. First of all Thank you .. 


                My requirement is little different, list box should be dependent with chart values.. list box should contain all the ids but when i select the reports it should display the ids in which are associated to the charts , remaining id should be in gray color


                Req1 will be a one report , and req 2 will be a another report . it means 2 charts (table chart) one list box


                List box(filter):






                Chart 1:


                ID  TYPE  CITY

                2    B            -

                3     C          -



                So when i see first report , 1 should be in gray color in the list box.


                Hope i have explained my situation .. pls help me on this.