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    Which event fires when server updates an open document

    Brendan Van Zyl

      I have a model running in QVS, set to reload every 10 minutes. It is a dashboard application displayed upon call centre LCD panels. I have enabled the following options in the document settings, server tab

      "Server performs refresh automatically without client action" and

      "Enable push from the server"

      This has the desired effect that the opened model refreshes every 10 minutes, without any user interaction with the model.

      What I would like to know is, is there an event that fires when this update is pushed to the clients viewing this model. I have some macro code that performs a FitZoomToWindow function, as some of the displays have differing resolutions. The macro works perfectly in the "OnOpen" event, but subsequent updates pushed from the server result in the default zoom level saved in the document to be used.

      The macro is as follows


      sub FitZoom
      on error resume next
      end sub