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    Unable to drill-down across tables



      I am a novice on using Qlik Sense in particular and BI tools in general.

      I have a Plan of Accounts in the central system, which I access through ODBC. And I want to create a local report which uses a different Plan of Accounts schema. How can I make their connection?


      Simplifying the situation:


      Table A – Plan of accounts accessed by ODBC, and already hierarchized:

      Account#; Description; ParentAccount#; Level1_Account_Description; Level2_Account_Description; Level3_Account_Description; Level4_Account_Description; Level5_Account_Description


      Table B – Accounts values accessed also by ODBC:

      Account#; Date; Value


      Table C – Local Plan of Accounts in Excel:

      New_Lvl1_PoA_Description; New_Level2_Account_Description; New_Level3_Account_Description; New_Level4_Account_Description; Corresponding_Official_Account#


      Note1: The official Account# is in text format

      Note2: The “Corresponding_Official_Account#” can be on any level of the official PoA (from level 2 to level 5)

      Note3: Some of the local PoA accounts can be the aggregation of several official PoA accounts. So on table C it can appear several times (one line for each of the official accounts it is related to).


      I loaded both tables, and Qlik Sense automatically related both tables. Good!


      Then, I created a Pivot Table and added as line dimensions:

      1. 1. New_Lvl1_PoA_Description (from Table C);
      2. 2. New_Level2_Account_Description (from Table C);
      3. 3. New_Level3_Account_Description (from Table C);
      4. 4. New_Level4_Account_Description (from Table C);
      5. 5. Description (from table A)


      And it drills down. But when I get into the level of table C, it becomes empty and there is no way to drill-up anymore.


      Any idea on how can I join Table A and Table C, so that from Table C I can access Table B?

      Thank you,