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    Configurable ODBC Directory Service Connector using Access Text Driver

    Chris Cammers

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm having some trouble and I don't know what to try next.

      I am configuring the Configurable ODBC Directory Service Connector in QlikView 11.20.12904.0


      I am attempting to connect to two CSV files which are being generated by another QlikView server wich is extracting data from Salesforce.


      I configured a system DSN using the 64 bit Microsoft Access Text Driver(*.txt, *.csv)

      The files are located in the directory... and the odbc configuration created the schema,ini file


      When I configure the DSC I am getting an error that the dscusers.csv is not found.

      As far as I can tell everything is in the right place and the DSC is finally using the driver to find the data but it just can't read the tables so does anybody have any suggestions for what to try next?


      I have attached my latest attempt to configure the connection

      I have tried naked, single quoted, and square braced variations of the tables names but nothing has worked to this point.


      All suggestions are appreciated and when I figure this out I will post my solution