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    Set Analysis Syntax

    Cassandra Baqir

      Hi everyone... I am trying to determine the correct Set Analysis syntax for the following situation:


      My application has two views - one that looks at the sum(WORKFLOW_DURATION) based on the CUR_WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME and one based on the historical WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME.


      In my example, if you select REQUEST_ID 181997, you can see that the historical WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME chart looks correct.

      1-28-2016 9-16-36 AM.jpg


      However, the CUR_WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME chart shows the Current Workflow repeating because that's the phase it is currently in but it still sums up the Business Days Workflow Duration for each of the other steps.


      I want to see only one line that sums up Business Days Workflow Duration where the CUR_WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME=WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME instead of this:

      1-28-2016 9-14-50 AM.jpg


      t's possible that a workflow step could repeat. In the case where CUR_WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME=WORKFLOW_STEP_NAME, I would want to seem the sum of the aggregate workflow duration.


      A null Completion date also means a step is current.