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    NPrinting 16.2 Multi Tasking

    Ganesh Devarashetty

      Hello NP experts,

      Can someone suggest something for below scenario.


      1. We have 1000 odd emails (each with its own slide of data) to be emailed to their respective users.

      2. In the process of opening the document once and use filter for each recipient to send email, It is taking 2-3 mins.. between "Producing Report :HTMLReport..." and "Report Produced:HTML Report...".

      3. 1000 reports = 4 per 10min = 40+Hrs.

      4. Is there a faster way to achieve this. We are looking into see if we can fine tune the QVW for faster fetch into NP but other than that, is there a way to multitask or improve from NP side?

      5. We have 3 Designer and 2 Server Licenses. Is it possible to utilize Designer and Server as 2 instances and run 2 different sets. This way we can have total 5 Sessions running parallel. That would still give a turnout of 40/5 = 8Hrs which is not so good.


      Thank You,


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          Mike Czerwonky

          Hi Ganesh,


          You can definitely split your load between servers and clients.  You will have to manually control the schedule of the tasks for each one.


          When I run a batch of reports, it always takes longer to run the first one, but usually the performance is a lot better thereafter.  For example, it might take 1-2 minutes to run first task and then since the app is already open, the second task launches without starting the process again and usually finishes in 35-40 seconds.


          I copy a binary QVW file to the server folder rather than accessing the data across a file system.  Not sure how much that will improve your situation.   That eliminates bandwidth issues.  Of course, your data will be static for however long it takes to run the reports.  If you use publisher, you can automate the copy process.


          That should get you started.  Let us know how it goes

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            Zeeshan Adeel

            If you're running multiple task then select "Close connection when task ends" option for the last task of the schedule. If NPrinting closes the connection for every task then it takes 2-3 minutes just to open qvw each and every time.


            by changing this setting, I believe you could generate 1000 reports in three hours.