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    Point to Point values in straight table

      I am trying to get point to point values in a straight table when the dimension is set to Quarter. I do not want to aggregate the values for all three months in each quarter. Instead, I want to display the value from the last month in each quarter. My dimension is Quarter_Year so If I have 2014 - 2015 chosen the table will display 8 columns. I have tried to use Max() but then it will only give me the metric for the selected period, not for each Quarter-Year selected. Thanks in advance!

      Data Table example


      Jan-15130+ %3.1%
      Feb-15130+ %4.5%
      Mar-15130+ %5.6%
      Apr-15230+ %2.8%
      May-15230+ %4.1%
      Jun-15230+ %4.2%
      Jul-15330+ %6.8%
      Aug-15330+ %5.3%
      Sep-15330+ %3.2%
      Oct-15430+ %3.1%
      Nov-15430+ %4.2%
      Dec-15430+ %5.5%


      What I want as output from my straight table.


      30+ %5.6%4.2%3.2%5.5%