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    Help with simple append load



      I have a qvd file that is updated daily that show in-transit inventory.

      Now I would like to save a snapshot of the in-transit inventory every last day of a month so that I can use this to show monthly trends going forward.


      Basicly what I have done is to create a field called  CheckMonthEnd with this logic: If(Date(Now())=MonthEnd(Date(Now())),1,0) as CheckMonthEnd. CheckMonthEnd will have a value 1 or 0.


      What I want to do now is to save the file with a date appended to the file name if CheckMonthEnd=1.


      Attached is the qvd. Hope somebody could point me in the right direction.


      Best regards,

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          Peter Rieper

          Think that you only need to advise the content of the field MaxCheckMonthEnd to the variable?

          If so, please change your line 80 to:


          let vCheckMonthEnd = PEEK('MaxCheckMonthEnd', 0, 'MaxMonth');


          HTH Peter

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            Peter Cammaert

            In your script, you could do a test for the end of the month (if we assume that your script runs 7 days a week), and store the resident table a second time to a different file. Like



            STORE InTransitInventory INTO [IntransitInventory.qvd] (qvd); // Regular daily store


            IF Floor(Today()) = Floor(MonthEnd(Today())) THEN

              LET vFileTag = date(Today(), 'YYYYMMDD');

              STORE InstransitInventory INTO [IntransitInventory_$(vFileTag).QVD] (qvd); // Special store

            END IF






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              I implemented following solution:


              let vSaveDate = date(today(), ‘YYYYMMDD’);

              let vPeriod = MonthName(Now());


              let vCheckMonthEnd = If(Date(floor(Now()))=Date(Floor(MonthEnd(Now()))),1,0);


              STORE InTransit INTO \\InTransit_Daily_$(vSaveDate).qvd;



              if  $(vCheckMonthEnd) = 1 then


              STORE InTransit INTO \\InTransit_Monthly_$(vPeriod).qvd;


              end if