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    Possiblilities for statistical relationships in Qlikview

      Hello all,


      I have a question regarding the possiblities of statistical relationships in Qlikview.

      Is it possible when you select in an overview a specific article that QV shows what other customers also bought when buying that article? ('what other customers also bought')


      Example Customer data:


      C25 kg
      D12 kg
      D44 kg
      D32 kg



      For example Customer B with article 1.

      When I select Article 1 I would like to get an overview that when buying Article 1 .

      most customer also bought article 2

      - 2 customers also bought Article 3

      - and 1 customer also bought 4 (less important since it was bought only once)


      Preferable in a Top x overview


      Is such thing possible in Qlikview? And which graph it the adviced one to use?


      Regards, Bianca