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    Coverting GPS coordinates

      Hey all!
      I've trying to figure this one out but I can't seem to crack it.
      I've got some GPS coordinates that's in the format of SWEREF99TM and I want to convert them to WGS84. I've got a JavaScript that does this by one of our guys here at work. But I can't figure out how to use it. From what he told me it's the function grid_to_geodetic that does the conversion. I've put some SWEREF99TM coordinates in the Qlikview file as well some WGS84 values to check that your results are correct. The JavaScript is in the javascript.txt file. If someone finds a better solution then using the JavaScript I'm all ears. Best scenario would be to convert all the values and get rid of the SWEREF99TM coordinates, as I don't need them. Thanks in advance!