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    Which Directory for Document Administrators

    Paul Routledge

      With QlikView Setup to support SSO Authentication and LDAP Authorization. What is the correct method to manage Document Adminstartors?


      QlikView Administrators can assign Document Administrators to QliKView Distribution Server Paths in the QlikView Management Console.

      The dialog that allows you to do this uses one of the Directory Services Connectors to look up/validate the Document Administrator User requested. In a default installation this uses the Active Directory Directory Service Connector.


      We are adopting Single Sign On authentication for our AccessPoint end users and so will also be setting up a Configurable LDAP Directory Service Connector.

      We would prefer then to switch off the Active Directory Directory Service Connector.


      But that would require that Document Administrator Users are validated against the remaining LDAP Directory Service Connector.


      The QlikView Managament Console is a standalone application responding to http requests. It does not use IIS or QlikView Web Server. We cannot use our SSO solution for Authentication on the QlikView Managament Console. Users who land at the QlikView Managament Console are NTLM/AD/Windows users so would surely need to be validated against Active Directory.