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    Sense - Not all dims showing in scatter plot

    Benjamin Taub

      Hi! I have a scatter plot in Qlik Sense and I'm having trouble getting all of my dimensions to show on it. Before you ask, yes, there are less than 1000 dim elements (I think the total is around 200). FWIW, the Y axis shows avg employee age, the X axis shows avg salary, and the dimension is department.


      The value that I know is missing for sure should be the highest salary, way to the right on the X axis (it's the org's president's department). But, even if I drag the chart to the left, the value doesn't appear. Interesting, though, if I filter my data to only the president's department, then his department appears on the chart (it's a drill dimension so what I then see are the job titles for his department).


      Does this sound familiar? Any ideas on how to get all the dims to appear on the chart?