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    Show last 7 days from of previous week

      Hi All,


      I have a data with dates and sales and my week starting from Friday to Thursday, so in my data the last Friday is 22nd and Thursday is 28th, so i want to see the data between these dates. So for this i have changed the set in the default script to Friday till Thursday.


      I am not finding the correct syntax of set analysis of week (last week). So i want to count of any dimensions.


      I need it urgent, please help.


      Please find the attached screenshots for the same.

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          Stefan Wühl

          Don't change the DayNames variable in the script. This will just change the names. so if you use


          =Weekday(Today() )


          you will get 'Wed' instead of the correct value 'Sat'.


          If you are using a master calendar, I would suggest creating a custom week number for your specific week start and end. Then you can easily group your dates and aggregates by this week number and also filter to e.g. the previous week.


          If you post some data, e.g. as INLINE table or excel file, I think someone around can create a solution pretty fast.


          You can also have a look at

          Redefining the Week Start

          Redefining the Week Numbers

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              Hi Swuehl,

              Thanks for response, as you can see i have attached a screenshot of the data, in that i want to see only data from Friday to Thursday i.e 22nd to 28th as a last week.


              As per your suggested links, i created a variable with the weekstart.


              Could you please provide me the expression of set analysis to show only data for last week (from 22nd to 28th) (weekstart from Friday and ends on Thursday)