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    Modify my chart 2 expression to SET

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      Both chart 1 & 2 work fine on 2015.  They are both able to display Expense trend , TOTAL_EXP field from sales table and eXP field name from GL Table.



      For chart 1 still working fine when i click on year = 2014. But Chart 2 no work any more.



      My question is for chart 2 field name = {<eXP={"eXP"}, how to make it still able to display Exp line when user change to year = 2014 ?



      My assume SET expression is using Chart 1 expression below  :-




      sum({$<year = {$(=max(year))}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} TOTAL_EXP/1)/1

      , $(vMoneyFormatK))



      Modify the field name below :-




      sum({$<year = {$(=max(year))}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} {<eXP={"eXP"}/1)/1

      , $(vMoneyFormatK))



      But it does not work.


      I will post my sample QC Doc in my next posting.