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    project requirement

    naveen kumar

      Hello guys

      i have a requirement for my project ,i got a fromdate and a todate drop down boxs i just mention only few dates but normally i got more

      so now the requirement is when user select a fromdate and a todate then it need to display sum of those dates lotsinspected.....?

      for example if he select Fromdate=1/01/2015   Todate=30/01/2015(

      then answer as to be(trying to display in pivot table)

      category   ( subcategory)      lotsinspected

      mining        +                              30

      smelting       +                              10 

      Fromdate  Todate         category    sub category    lotsinspected    lots accepted     lotsrejected

      1/01/2015 30/01/2015   mining          a                        10                         8                 2

      1/01/2015 30/01/2015   mining          b                      10                           8                2

      1/01/2015 30/01/2015   mining          c                        10                         8                2

      1/02/2015  28/02/2015  mining          a                        5                            2               3

      1/02/2015  28/02/2015  mining          b                       15                          12               3

      1/02/2015  28/02/2015  mining          c                        20                          15               5

      1/01/2015 30/01/2015   smelting         a                        10                         8                 2

        according to me  the expression  gets in to my mind is this:

      sum(category={'mining','smelting'},sub category={'a','b','c'}, date=sum({<date={">=$(=max(Fromdate))<=$(=max(Todate))"}>}lotsinspected)

      but the thing is i havent got any particular date field at my script level i just got fromdate field and todate field

      so how to get date field which represent fromdate and todate.....

      please if there is any other way to solve my above requirement .i wish if i could have provide you guys proper date but fortunately client wont let me do that