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    Problem with destribution service

      Hi all,

      I have QlikView Server with QlikView Publisher and I want to trigger a reload and distribute to a user one of my documents, but I can't select the user in the distribute section.

      I use a Custom Directory in my QlikView Server, as you can see:

      error loading image

      I go to the source documents, add a trigger and go to the distribute section:

      error loading image

      I choose "Add Recipients" from the icon with the blue +, and it comes the following screen, where I cannot find my user:

      error loading image

      I tried the following searches:

      1. ssaev on Default Scoupe: none

      2. ssaev on Default Scoupe: Custom(Custom)

      3. Custom\ssaev on Default Scoupe: none

      4. Custom\ssaev on Default Scoupe: Custom(Custom)

      5. Custom/ssaev on Default Scoupe: none

      6. Custom/ssaev on Default Scoupe: Custom(Custom)

      and also CUSTOM spelled with capital letters

      but none worked...

      Can anybody help?

      p.s. also tried it on IE8 - same problem!