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    How to refer between dimensions (customer vs. store ID)



      I have sales data where is same ID at customer and store dimension (Internal/external sales) and I´m trying to achieve a object where I can see total sales, i.e first column internal sales (#Store --> #Customer) and second column sales #Store -->

      In other words, warehouse is selling goods to its customer (customer ID 100) and this customer (store ID 100) is selling those goods to consumers. I´m trying to add both of those sales in one row.

      Previously I have done this like

      if(WildMatch(#Customer,'100*'), sum({<#Store={'100'}>}Total Sales))

      but now I have about 70 rows so I don´t want to do it that way.

      I tried something like that but with no succees:

      sum({<#Store={"=$(=Only({<Chain={'aaa'}>}#Customer))"}>}TOTAL Sales)


      Only({<Chain={'aaa'}>}#Customer) <-- only this returns right customer number for each row

      There is #Customer as dimension at my object.

      Is there some way I can achieve what I´m wanting?

      Thanks in advance!